The Ultimate Travel Guitar

Miranda guitars sound, feel, and play like traditional acoustic guitars

Steel-String S-250 and Nylon-String CFX-200


Your Miranda Rights™

  • Subcompact transportability. Miranda's travel case meets the carry-on size limitation of most U. S. airlines (length + width + depth less than 45 inches.)
  • Acoustic-guitar sound (proprietary electronics)
  • One minute set-up and take-apart
  • Standard scale length
  • Full-size, full-depth body contour. Feels just right
  • Play cutaway or full bout; converts in seconds
  • Action individually set up for easy play.
  • Elegant styling; fine craftsmanship
  • Optional pickguard or tapping plates
  • Line out to external power amplifier
  • Line in -- practice to prerecorded music
  • Rugged, cushioned travel case, and
  • You have the right to remain silent™
    (headphones are included)


Only 76 cm (30 inches) long, Miranda's travel case is easily stowed in the overhead bin of an airliner. Internal plush flaps separate the parts. Comfortable handle and shoulder strap are included.


Both the Steel-string S-250 (above) and the Nylon-string CFX-200 (at left, in its case) are designed to mimic their respective acoustic guitars, in size,shape, configuration, sound feel, and action.

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"The Miranda's ergonomic design was matched with great playability."

"...the sides are about the same depth as many acoustic guitars, making the Miranda by far the most comfortable instrument of its kind to hold and play."

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Frequently Asked Questions

· How do Miranda guitars differ from other travel guitars?

Miranda guitars are designed with the needs of the serious acoustic guitarist and guitar student in mind. Our objectives are to make your playing experience away from home as close as possible to that at home, to provide for “silent” practice, and to make your travel package as small as possible.

Many acoustic guitar makers offer travel guitars that are simply scaled-down or small-body versions of their full-size guitars. These are usually inexpensive and OK for a sing-along around the campfire. But they are awkward to hold—practicing with them can do a lot more harm than good. And, of course, they aren’t silent.

Travel guitars that incorporate components that simulate or approximate the body of a full-size acoustic guitar are sometimes called frame guitars. Miranda guitars are frame guitars, and there are several others of this type available. Some employ removable tubes to simulate the edges of a guitar body; one incorporates a single removable panel. The Miranda, with its full-depth sides and heel, surpasses all of them; Miranda guitars feel just right in any playing position. And the Miranda travel case is the smallest of any.

Sound quality is, of course, very important. Miranda's proprietary electroacoustic technology delivers the sound quality you need.

We are often asked about the neck dimensions of Miranda guitars; particularly, the width and thickness, which are compromised on other frame guitars. Miranda guitar’s neck parameters are targeted to the midrange of the quality acoustic instruments to which they correspond. Check our Specifications page and compare the dimensions to those of your own acoustic guitar.

There are many more features that distinguish Miranda guitars over other travel guitars. Call or e-mail us for additional information.

· Does it feel solid?
Miranda guitars are based on a totally new principle of construction that makes them feel as solid as an acoustic guitar.

· Is it easy to put together?
Very easy, and fun too! Be a one-minute luthier.

· How about battery life?
You will enjoy about 30 hours of playing before the yellow light goes on to tell you that, even though the sound is still great, it would be best to change the 9 volt battery soon.

· Can a Miranda guitar be used as a performance instrument?

With a suitable amp and speaker, Miranda guitars sound quite good . "Like a mic'ed acoustic guitar" we are frequently told. A Miranda will satisfy many performance opportunities.

· The tuning machines are underneath; how do you tune it?
Easily! Swing the guitar up on your right thigh, facing right.Then, tune with your left hand while your right hand plucks -- just as you do with a conventional guitar!.

· Will the airlines accept a Miranda guitar as carry on?
Miranda's travel case meets the U.S. airlines' carry-on size limitation of 45 inches (length + width + depth). Other restrictions may apply on some international flights, but exceptions are often made for musical instruments. Check with your carrier before leaving. Although we can’t predict future changes in airline policies, we can say that we have never had, nor heard of anyone having, a Miranda guitar refused as a carry-on.

· Where can I go to try a Miranda travel guitar?

You don't have to go anywhere. We sell our guitars directly — they are not available through retail stores. However, our return policy (see the Ordering page) enables you to try one in your home.

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